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Space Force

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Asymmetric Warfare group

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Field Testing Unit

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Every watch tells a unique story. Personalised to each owner.
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One-of-a-kind personal timepiece for Erling Haaland
The premier choice for military units

MICROMILSPEC develops custom watches in close collaboration with military units and select organizations. Our custom watches are designed to be reliable companions for both daily activities and special situations. Situations where every second counts.

U.S Space Force2nd BattalionFrench Special Forces330 Squadron Royal Norwegian Air Force333 SquadronArmoured BattalionAsymmetric Warfare GroupParatroopers NO1. Frigate SquadronHis Majesty The King’s Guard (Norway)Oslo Fire BrigadeTelemark BattalionGarrison of Sør-VarangerParatroopers SWENorwegian Air Defense Artillery333 Squadron Royal Norwegian Air Force

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